Fount dosing is used to control the pH level of the fountain solution.

The MX-2 doser is available for all larger PRESSMATE circulators and can also be installed as an upgrade on existing dampening units.

Doser MX-2:
* Automatic additive doser 1-5%
* Continuous flow of 10 to 40 l/min
* Can be wall mounted and used for multi-dampening unit dosing
* Removable outer cover giving full access for service
* Separate tap feed for sampling fount solution
* Inlet water filter
* Simple set-up and operation

* Standard voltages shown - other electrical specifications available on request.
* MGE can offer tailored solutions to exactly match customer requirements.

MGE reserve the right to change, improve and/or modify all or any products manufactured and sold by us at anytime; this does not incur any obligation on our part to make like changes to any of our products previously sold.
Water Inlet Pressure
Water Inlet Flow
230v +/-15%, 50/60Hz
1 to 6 bar
Additive Dosing:
1 to 5%
10 to 40 l/min
Inlet Water Filter
Dimensions (HxWxD) mm
350 micron
12 kg


435 x 630 x 155
10 to 40 l/min