Pressmate Dampening and Circulation
The perfect partner for your Press

MGE has been producing dampening and circulation equipment since the early 1970’s and currently offers an extensive range of machines to press manufacturers, press agents, distributors and end-user printers. The 'Pressmate' range of circulation systems is the latest generation of our equipment. Designed in conjunction with our customers, Pressmate units offer printers new levels of reliability and performance ensuring high quality print output from your press whilst the modular design allows easy access for routine maintenance and servicing.

Our Pressmate units are named according to a specific structure and, using the buttons to the left, you can look up your ideal unit by name to retrieve detailed information and specifications. An example of the structure is below.

CS140 PB
CS = Circulation System
1 = Number of Press Returns
40 = 4.0 Kw

PB = Pumpback

If you are not sure which MGE unit would be suitable for your requirements, please contact us.