External supply
0 to 15%
+/- 1%

The CS180 is a water dampening circulator for use in offset lithographic processes. It provides refrigeration, circulation to and from the press, and fount solution filtration.
The CS180 incorporates:
* 8.0kW of refrigeration using a plate heat exchanger
* 170 litre working capacity solution tank
* Options for multiple press feeds and returns to match requirements
* Digital temperature display
* Option to add MGE Alcosystem for alcohol control

* Autofilling for the water tank
* Options to add pH and conductivity monitoring and display
* Attachments for additional dosing and filtration equipment

* Standard voltages shown - other electrical specifications available on request.
* All feed and return connections to customer requirements
* All units use CFC-free refrigerant R134A
* Standard unit colour is light grey. Special paint finishes available on request
* MGE can offer tailored solutions to exactly match customer requirements.

MGE reserve the right to change, improve and/or modify all or any products manufactured and sold by us at anytime; this does not incur any obligation on our part to make like changes to any of our products previously sold.


PRESSMATE dampening circulators can be fitted with composite filter bags or a filter tray with disposable mat to clean the returned fountain solution, removing contaminates and helping to prolong the life of the dampening solution.

The MGE FX-01 specialist filtration system can also be supplied to complement the standard filtering further enhancing the consistency of the fount solution as it is used and helping stabilise pH and conductivity levels which can be widely affected by various contaminates picked up during the printing process.

Alcohol Control

PRESSMATE pumpback dampening systems are supplied without alcohol control as standard. However if required (e.g, for Heatset presses) they can easily be fitted with the MGE Alcosystem. This proven system delivers simple, accurate (within +/- 1%) and consistent levels of alcohol control from an external source.

Modern printing requires new, exacting demands from fountain solution. PRESSMATE dampening units provide stable, clean and cool fountain solution, have low additive consumption and precise temperature control, all necessary for high quality printing.

The cabinet design provides easy access with detachable, multiple piece panels which make the unit significantly more routine maintenance and service friendly. With MGE's proven control systems and filtration, the result is a simpler, better solution to support all your printing needs.

To complement the Pressmate dampening units, MGE offer Fount Dosing solutions, used to control the pH level of the fountain solution. Details are also available on this website.

Fount Supply
No of Press Returns
No of Press Feeds
Press flow
As required or via pumpback tank/s
Cooling System
Optional Alcohol Control
Max Tank Volume
Condenser Unit
Heat Exchanger
Ambient for rating
8.0 kW
170 litres
Air cooled
Physical Information
Physical Dimensions
Power Requirements (+/-15% on voltage)
6 l/min per outlet at 1.5m
1260 x 1290 x 780
Connector Hose Length
Height of Hose Run
2.5m Max
15m Max
As required
400/440v, 50/60Hz, 12A

Fountain Solution Supply and Return

Fountain solution is pumped to the press pans using reliable and proven MGE pumps to ensure a consistant and continual flow at all times. A single outlet is provided on the circulator as standard and connection piping packs are then fitted to service multiple print units\pans as required.

Return of the solution from the press is via gravity return to one of MGE’s collection \ pumpback tanks. For pans that are located at or near ground level,
a venturi connection is offered to give additional suction and ensure proper drainage back from these pans.

Return from the collection tank back to the circulator is again using one of our MGE pumps with level switches in both the circulator and the tank controlling the flow to avoid possible overflow issues.

Dry Weight